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It is our pleasure to invite you to join us for our Digital Congress.

It has now been almost three years since FEGIME last met in Nice. So, we are all really looking forward to seeing one another again. Of course, the best way of doing this is – without doubt – at a FEGIME Congress.

But global events have conspired to make us wait a little longer.

We want to take this opportunity to catch up and thank you for your support in recent times. Just because we have not been meeting so often, doesn’t mean that nothing has been happening. In fact, 2021 was an amazing year for FEGIME. 25% organic growth and €1.5 billion added to take group turnover up to €7.5 billion are figures we can all be extremely proud of.

On 3rd June we will take you on a journey with an exciting mix of live connections to FEGIME countries, studio discussions, videos and exchanges to celebrate all of FEGIME’s recent achievements together.

The link that you have received can be passed on to any member of your organisation/company you wish – there is no restriction on numbers (registration will then be confirmed individually a little later). And to make the event attractive for even more people there will be separate audio tracks with simultaneous translation into German, Italian & Spanish to choose from (the event will be in English as usual).

2023 is now the new date for a live FEGIME super event. Details to follow.


FRIDAY, 3rd June

9:30 CET

Welcome and introduction from the studio in Cologne

Florin Niculae, Hege Amundsen-Elvestad, Lars Kestner, David Garratt

Good morning, Riga! FEGIME Finland & Baltics present themselves, their countries & their organisation

Dennis Belajevs, Artjoms Smertjevs

9.45 CET

AO365: the latest digital developments from Denmark

David Garratt, Lars Kestner

An Italian perspective: Interview with incoming Board Member Gabriele Depalo about how he sees his role in the Board and how Italy celebrated FEGIME Day in 2021

David Garratt, Gabriele Depalo

10.00 CET

The FEGIME Customer

Florin Niculae, Hege Amundsen-Elvestad, Lars Kestner, Gabriele Depalo, David Garratt

10:15 CET

Break and musical interlude with DJ NEILS


10:30 CET

FEGIME Connect Status of the initiative, review and discussion of FEGIME’s international digital topics

David Garratt, Hege Amundsen-Elvestad, Lars Kestner, Arnold Rauf, Jorge Ruiz-Olivares, Juan Carlos Iglesias

FEGIME across the globe: The international network of outlets

Florin Niculae, Hege Amundsen-Elvestad, Lars Kestner, Gabriele Depalo, David Garratt

11:15 CET

Break and musical interlude with DJ NEILS


11:30 CET

From products to services: Selling knowledge and consultancy services as the logical progression of a FEGIME wholesaler’s business

Colleagues from Greece and Spain join the discussion via live-feed

Saving the planet: the importance of renewable energy sources for our sector and how FEGIME colleagues are integrating them into their business

Collegues from Poland join the discussion via live-feed

11:45 CET

The Future of FEGIME: FEGIME Future examine succession in their family businesses and how the FEGIME Academy initiative and the FAMP (FEGIME Advanced Management Programme) have helped them to change their role - and now the role of their children

FEGIME Future Members from Poland, UK and Latvia

12:00 CET

Closing words

Florin Niculae, Hege Amundsen-Elvestad, Lars Kestner, Gabriele Depalo, David Garratt

12:15 CET

Musical outro with DJ NEILS


End of Congress


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Florin Niculae

FEGIME Romania
Outgoing President of FEGIME

Florin joined the Board of Directors of FEGIME in May 2019 at the last Congress in Nice so for sure he imagined a lot more travel (and a lot less digital) in the service of FEGIME during his time in office.
As President of FEGIME Romania he has put his own personal stamp on the national group and created a thriving, closely knit community pushing forward with common projects and activities. As the CEO of his company, he is a leading figure - and has a wealth of experience - in the lighting sector.

Hege Amundsen Elvestad

Incoming President of FEGIME

Hege will soon become the second lady president of FEGIME after serving for two years on the Board of Directors and will be the second Norwegian president of the group.
President of FEGIME Norge and CEO of Berggård Amundsen, she is the third generation of her family to take the helm. She has successfully brought the company - which has just celebrated its 75th Anniversary – into the 21st century by implementing its digitalisation and thus enabling it to flourish on the highly digital and competitive Norwegian market.

Lars Kestner

FEGIME Denmark
FEGIME Board Member

Just completing his first year in the Board, Lars is President of FEGIME Denmark and CSO at A & O Johansen.
Our Danish colleagues are at the forefront of digitalisation – but are also ever extending their network of stores across the country. “Before my election to the BOD,” says Lars, “I was presented as an evangelist of digitalisation. But in my experience our physical stores are our biggest ‘digital’ asset because they convince customers to use all our digital platforms and offerings.” Omnichannel is the recipe for success in Denmark.

Gabriele Depalo

Incoming FEGIME Board Member

At FEGIME there is a rotational system for the Board of Directors. At the second meeting of the year the Presidency is always passed on to the next recipient and the outgoing president leaves to be replaced by a new board member – this time it is Gabriele.
Despite his young years he can already look back on 10 years of experience in electrical wholesaling. After 10+ years in FEGIME Future he has long since graduated to the general assemblies of both the national and international organisations and now into the Board. Freshly Executive MBA graduated, he would like to help FEGIME redefine and implement a new, futureproof strategy to deal with current challenges: pandemic, shortages of materials, inflation and - most sadly - war.

Arnold Rauf

FEGIME Deutschland
Managing Director

Arnold can look back on decades of experience in electrical wholesaling. He has managed FEGIME’s largest national organisation for nearly 30 years.
Digitalisation has played a major role at FEGIME Deutschland for most of Arnold’s career and he focuses on providing a full range of digital and back-office services to his 48 member companies to help them master the digital opportunities and challenges in all areas.
The German pioneering work in this area - and above all the article database - has long since been the backbone for the international digital initiative FEGIME Connect.

David Garratt

Managing Director

With a background in consumer electronics, David has been with FEGIME since 2010. In that time turnover has doubled, five new National Organisations have been added to the group and FEGIME has expanded outside Europe.
Digitalisation in the form of the FEGIME Connect initiative has also been at the top of his agenda.


Click on the speaker to see more information.

Dennis Belajevs

FEGIME Finland & Baltics
Managing Director

With 25+ years of business management experience in our sector across Nordics/Baltics, Dennis joined FEGIME Finland & Baltics in 2016. Since then, he has added members from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus to the organisation and turnover has more than tripled.

Artjoms Smertjevs

FEGIME Finland & Baltics

As second generation in his family company in Riga, Artjoms has always played a large role at FEGIME Future.
Whilst continuing to be very active in the next generation group, he has long since graduated to the Board of Directors not only in his own company but also at FEGIME Finland & Baltics.

Jorge Ruiz-Olivares

Managing Director

After just over a decade at the helm, the digital transformation achieved by Jorge at FEGIME España is very impressive. He has expanded and modernised his team and now offers his 27 members a full range of digital and back-office services.
This has not escaped the notice of the Spanish market and so Jorge has been very successful in - attracting and securing - the integration of two additional groups into the Spanish FEGIME family thus taking group turnover above the €500 million mark in 2021.

Juan Carlos Iglesias

International Digital Coordinator

Juan Carlos is the newest member of the international FEGIME team joining only in January this year.
He is a Spanish and Venezuelan national and an electrical engineer. He has an MBA and brings many years’ experience with Siemens in technical and managerial roles in South America. More recently he has relocated to Madrid and earned a master’s degree in marketing & digital communication.

Nikos Kafkas

FEGIME Hellas & Cyprus

Since taking over the business earlier than expected from his late father, Nikos has achieved exponential growth in Greece and more recently also Cyprus. There are now in total 72 Kafkas outlets that together account for 35% of the Greek market – and all are in the typical Kafkas look and omnichannel set-up.
Always intent on improving the business, Nikos is now increasingly offering his customers not just products but services in for example the lighting and industrial sectors

Marta Kulza

Managing Director

With business currently growing at between 40% – 60% at FEGIME Polska and turnover above the €500 million mark in 2021, Marta has every reason to be satisfied with the group’s development.
Concentrating on major players on the Polish market she has created a thriving, closely knit community pushing forward with common projects and activities which is well positioned to make the most of the current boom in renewables in the country.
Future_con Impressionen
Future_con Impressionen


Get ready to join us for the 1st Digital FEGIME Congress

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